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Doggy Daze is a unique, urban, upscale dog-salon, and retail store in the heart of midtown Phoenix. Doggy Daze is a successful concept and creation that was brought to reality by Sean Kirk, the original creator and former owner of Smelly Dog and his business partner Jon Thompson. 

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So what is unique about Doggy Daze from other grooming facilities? Most groomers have an “up-charge” for nail clipping, ear cleaning, and sanitary cuts, but at Doggy Daze every client will get the royal treatment included in their grooming without the up-charge. Every dog will be bathed in a hypoallergenic shampoo and rinsed in a hypoallergenic conditioner to ensure a soft coat and hydrated skin. Each dog will be towel dried to dampness and then hand-blown dried. After the grooming process, each dog will then be placed in a designated area called “Play Daze.” The “Play Daze” area is simply a supervised holding area for the dog to socialize and play until their parents pick them up. Dogs are social and this sort of environment allows them to have fun before going home while providing a positive grooming experience. The entire grooming process is all done within two hours of drop off.

Doggy Daze has a self-serve station for the costumer that wants to do it themselves with the same high-quality products; self-servers will receive the same Doggy Daze treatment that will include nail trimming and ear cleaning at no extra charge. Doggy Daze is home to some of the best dog food and dog treats available; this makes Doggy Daze a one-stop shopping destination for grooming and feeding needs. We stock multiple high-quality brands to meet customer needs. Doggy Daze also has a unique line of collars, leashes, and other retail items dedicated to satisfying all our customer’s needs.

 Not only is Sean a successful business owner, but he has a commitment to giving back to the canines of the community. Sean’s fundraising efforts have yielded over $80,000 for various dog charities; fundraising efforts have also aided in the purchasing of bullet-proof vests for the Phoenix Police Department’s K-9 units. Currently, there are no dog grooming and pet stores East of 7th avenue from Peoria to McDowell Road. Doggy Daze is a popular destination for the 7th street corridor.”

"Where Every Pet Gets The Royal Treatment"

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